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Girls Lacrosse Rules Changes – 2024

2-4-5: Requires that stick check requests be made before the official’s hand is in contact with both centers’ sticks for the draw.

Rationale: Clarifies when a stick check request may be made and eliminates potential interruption of administration of the draw.

2-6-1: Requires goalkeeper’s thigh padding to be shorts or pants manufactured with integrated protective padding.

Rationale: Clarifies the requirements of thigh padding for the protection of goalkeepers.

2-7-1: Reorganizes tooth and mouth protector rules, aligns them with other NFHS sport rules, and eliminates restrictions related to color and graphics.

Rationale: Creates consistency and follows NFHS Sports Medicine Advisory Committee’s recommendation for tooth and mouth protector guidelines.

2-7-4 NOTE, 2-9-5: Allows field players to wear compression shirts that meet the NOCSAE ND200 lacrosse standard under the uniform and does not require these shirts to meet the color requirements of visible undergarments.

Rationale: Allows field players to wear padding intended to protect against commotio cordis.

2-9-4e (NEW): Establishes that only school related or player identifying names (school’s name, nickname, logo, mascot and/or team member’s name) will be allowed on the team jersey above the uniform number beginning in 2027.

Rationale: Creates consistency in uniform rules among other NFHS sport rules.

4-1-1: Changes the duration of play for a game from two 50-minute halves to four 12-minute quarters.

Rationale: Allows coaches to provide instruction more frequently and aligns with NFHS Boys Lacrosse.

4-2-2 EXCEPTION: Establishes that an official’s time-out shall not be called when there is a 10-goal differential when the following occur: offside foul, inadvertent whistle, or alternate possession.

Rationale: Allows the clock to run in these situations when the 10-goal rule is in effect.

4-2-3: Allows coaches to coach their players during an injury time-out.

Rationale: Allows coaches to address their players during an injury time-out and eliminates the need for officials to monitor coach/player interactions for potential coaching during this time.

5-4-1: Eliminates the requirement of players awarded a free position outside of the critical scoring area to come to a stop and settled stance when self-starting.

Rationale: Improves the flow of play and reduces a potential advantage created when the defense has time to set up while the attack player must stop for the free position.

5-4-5, 10-1j: Eliminates the false start penalty when a player self-starts when it is not an option outside the critical scoring area and allows officials to reset play without a penalty.

Rationale: Eliminates assessment of a major foul for self-starting outside the critical scoring area when it is not an option.

10-1y – Three Seconds PENALTIES: Clarifies free position locations for three-second violations and requires a free position to be awarded at the closest dot for a three-second violation when the spot of the ball is outside the critical scoring area and below the goal line extended.

Rationale: Adds clarity and consistency to the rules for three-second violations.

2024 Girls Lacrosse Editorial Changes

1-1-4b, 2-8-1, 2-9-3, 2-9-4d, 5-4-2, 7-3-1 PENALTIES 3b (NEW)

2024 Girls Lacrosse Points of Emphasis

  1. Stick to Body Contact
  2. Dangerous Play in the 8 Meter Arc

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